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Liturgical Design and Consulting

"God alone is absolute Beauty"

Saint Pope John Paul II

God's presence is revealed through the Transcendentals:  Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

We encounter God directly through the senses when we encounter beauty.  Since God is present in a Church, His beauty must be obvious and unmistakable.


Our world is full of ugly churches that do nothing to bring us into the true presence of our Creator.

Bella Chiesa is dedicated to changing that.

We can help you.

Art Lohsen

After 23 years designing truly beautiful projects as part of Franck & Lohsen, Architects, Art Lohsen has created Bella Chiesa, a liturgical design and consulting firm dedicated to helping more churches enhance their liturgy through beauty.

What we do

Bella Chiesa can help you in the following ways:

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Speaking Engagements

Art has lectured on the importance of beauty in church architecture for many years.  He is able to distill the topic to its essence and present positive and achievable steps towards making your church more beautiful.


Liturgical Consulting

The Bella Chiesa team can help you to evaluate your current church and plan how to make it more beautiful.  Often, small changes to liturgical elements can make a great impact.

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Design Assistance and Review

If you are building a new church or contemplating a major renovation, Bella Chiesa can serve as your advocate with your architect and contractor to ensure that beauty is achieved.


(202) 413-7640


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